I'm Pritesh Jain.I'm a startup enthusiast curious about customer experience, operations, people & product management.
I've successfully led projects across 0-1 and 1-10-100 and further scale stages.
I’ve been a creator and a doer. I’ve built teams and led them to achieve ambitious goals.


I have over 10 years in experience in consumer tech and retail startups in the e-commerce, retail, health & fitness space. My experience spans operations, business, customer experience, strategy, brand management & new initiatives.


Weekly dose of inspiration for the curious mind. Discover new ideas in product building, storytelling, leadership, design & more.If you're on a learning journey, "Stay Curious" is your perfect companion.Published every Monday at 8 AM India Time.

Some praise for "Stay Curious"

"Among other things, I go to Pritesh for his eye for excellent content AND his curiosity for all things CX. He's always looking to offer a better experience not just to his customers, but to those he works and spends time with. And reading his newsletter is an exercise in expanding my horizons. The sources are so diverse, the ideas so wide-ranging--there's always a rabbit hole awaiting you. Every now and then, grappling with a business problem myself, I'll remember something I had read from him weeks/months ago and go trawling through the archives."- Satyajit Rout, (Writer, Mentor)


I am curious about mobile gaming, consumer products & services, consumer behaviour & D2C business.
Hit me up if you've any exciting ideas or proposals in these areas.